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Government was taking extreme measures to stop Chinese immigration to the United States.


For example, the Chinese Exclusion Act of had imposed a year moratorium on the immigration of Chinese laborers, effectively eliminating opportunities for Chinese merchants and workers in the United States. Each European country hesitated to even consider it until all of the other countries had agreed to it. On October 6, , Britain and Germany tacitly endorsed the Open Door Policy by signing the Yangtze Agreement, stating that both nations would oppose the further political division of China into foreign spheres of influence.

However, the failure of Germany to keep the agreement led to the Anglo-Japanese Alliance of , in which Britain and Japan agreed to help each other safeguard their respective interests in China and Korea. While various multinational trade treaties ratified after referred to the Open Door Policy, the major powers continued to compete with each other for special concessions for railroad and mining rights, ports, and other commercial interests in China. After the Boxer Rebellion of failed to drive foreign interests from China, Russia invaded the Japanese-held Chinese region of Manchuria.

In , the administration of U.

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In , the U. Prophetically, the U. The World War II defeat of Japan in , combined with the communist takeover of China after the Chinese Revolution of , which effectively ended all opportunities for trade to foreigners, left the Open Door Policy meaningless a full half a century after it had been conceived.

Smashing Down Your Open Door Policy

Between and , China rose from 32nd to 13th in the world in export volume, roughly doubling its overall world trade. Share Flipboard Email. Issues U.

Foreign Policy The U. Government U. Liberal Politics U. Updated August 29, The U. If other nations were to partition China, the United States would likely be excluded from future commercial activities.

In short, Hay was simply trying to protect the prospects of American businessmen and investors. Challenges to the Open Door policy would be mounted frequently in the ensuing years, including the Boxer Rebellion of in which Chinese nationalists resorted to armed opposition in an attempt to end foreign occupation of their country; Japanese incursions into Manchuria following the Russo-Japanese War ; and the "21 Demands" levied by Japan on China in An effort was made to shore up the Open Door in at the Washington Naval Conference , but a challenge was again mounted by the Japanese in the s as they expanded their control in Manchuria.

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China would not be recognized as a sovereign state until after World War II. Closing Gaps, Opening Doors Quality workplaces. This is a budget about closing the gaps and opening the doors. It is a budget that invests in ideas and innovations.

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It is a budget that keeps faith with our bedrock values. It is a budget that truly will help our workers United States History.