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    Poland Polski. United Kingdom English. Germany Deutsch. Russia Russian. Only search for: Products. Call for assistance What is resistance? Resistance is a measure of the opposition to current flow in an electrical circuit.

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    All materials resist current flow to some degree. They fall into one of two broad categories: Conductors: Materials that offer very little resistance where electrons can move easily.


    Examples: silver, copper, gold and aluminum. Insulators: Materials that present high resistance and restrict the flow of electrons. Examples: Rubber, paper, glass, wood and plastic. Gold wire serves as an excellent conductor Resistance measurements are normally taken to indicate the condition of a component or a circuit. The higher the resistance, the lower the current flow. Interestingly, there is often a resistance from fans to hear that beloved characters might even be women at all.


    Indeed, the chatter for the past year on the anti-gay fringe has been of resistance. It was one of these reinforced posts that was ran over almost with no resistance. No blood can pass through a vein that is closed by resistance , nor can it ever do it until resistance is suspended. Her heart began to beat with the fierce impulse of resistance which she instinctively opposed to every imagined slight. As for Ruth she made no resistance to his taking the child away from her, although she cried about it in secret. He said to Eveline all that could be said and did all that could be done to overcome her resistance.

    Only one out of all the officers was in favour of resistance ; the rest declared it impossible. In electricity , a measurement of the difficulty encountered by a power source in forcing electric current see also current through an electrical circuit , and hence the amount of power dissipated in the circuit. Resistance is measured in ohms. Also called ohmic resistance.


    Abbreviation : R a conductor or coil offering such opposition; resistor. Stock Exchange. Words related to resistance intransigence , support , refusal , fight , protection , struggle , defiance , battle , counteraction , contention , combat , cover , screen , watch , detention , friction , check , obstruction , impediment , stand. Words nearby resistance resinoid , resinous , resipiscence , resist , resist printing , resistance , resistance level , resistance plasmid , resistance thermometer , resistance training , resistance transfer factor.

    Origin of resistance —50; Middle English Middle French.

    See resist , -ance. Examples from the Web for resistance But that makes the Ismael brothers no less proud of the resistance that they and other fellow fighters have put up. Philosophy of Osteopathy Andrew T.